How to Stay Safe in Monsoon

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The season brings back to life even the laziest humans and organisms. Even the weeds spring up out of nowhere at the most unexpected of places.

But the monsoon may not be as beautiful as it looks like. As every organism and human springs back to life, so do the diseases that can proliferate threateningly. But take some necessary precautions and you will be alright during the whole season. Check out these measures that you can take to stay safe during the monsoon :

Keep a check-out on stagnant waters

Don’t let rainwater accumulate in open anywhere near or in your house. These stagnant waters are a primary breeding ground for the mosquitoes that can cause potentially deadly diseases. So, make it a habit of emptying your inflatable pools, pet water bowls, etc.

A shower a day is a must

Taking a shower at least once in a day is one of the important preventive measures during the monsoon. Bacteria and other infective agents thrive in the humidity of the monsoon. Taking a shower washes away these infections and helps the body to remain healthy.

Taking a hot shower after you are soaked with rainwater is also a must and should not be avoided.

Don’t laze over washing hands

Regularly washing the hands is something that should be followed regardless of the seasons but it becomes even more important during the monsoon. People are prone to common cold during monsoon than any other season. Regularly washing hands help in keeping the common cold at bay most effectively.
Also, make it a habit of keeping a hand sanitizer if you have to be out for a longer period of times.

Always keep a mosquito repellent

Mosquito just thrive during the monsoon, causing life-threatening diseases like Malaria and Dengue. So wherever you go, keep a mosquito repellent with you at all times. Make sure to keep your home and rooms mosquito-free, especially during the night.

Prep up those rain gears

As soon as the monsoon strikes, take out your umbrellas, boots and rain overcoats. If your job doesn’t allow you to be indoors for longer periods, then always keep these essentials ready. Along with these, also carry a hand sanitizer and a mosquito repellent at all the times.

Teach your children basic safety

Kids tend to play outdoors and love soaking in the rainwater. Surely they can get harder to control at times. So, keep teaching your children basic safety tips, no matter what the season. Teach them about diseases and how it is beneficial to stay indoors during the rains. Even if they are soaking in rainwater, tell them to thoroughly clean their body and hands after that.

Apart from threatening diseases, there are also increased chances of floods during the monsoon. Visibility on roads is weak that makes it harder to drive and ride the cars and bikes. So, take measures that keep you and your family safe in every way during the monsoon. Have a happy rainy season!

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