Things to do in rainy season for kids

Whenever we think about rain, it reminds us of a lot of positive feelings such as eating pakoras, fresh air, Beautiful nature, rainbow, raindrops, peacock dance, peacock voice, and whatnot. We all talk more about rain and safety in the rainy season particularly, we are worriedhow monsoon can cause fever and other diseases. Being a parent, it is our responsibility to make sure that kids are safe. We should not forget, kids have their one childhood and they always want to enjoy rainy days. Parents also want their kids to enjoy but how? Here is the answer, we are suggesting you some rainy-day activities that will make your experience memorable. We have more than 5 activities in the rainy season, these are the fun things to do on a rainy day with your child.

Disclaimer: We urge you to take all precautions while venturing outdoors. Wear a mask, keep gloves handy and at all times, maintain social distancing for some of the activities suggested in the post.

List of the things to do on a rainy day

  • Balloons game

We like to play this game with my little ones. Blow up some balloons, toss them in the air, and don’t let them touch the ground. If you want, you can make some of your own rules like don’t touch a balloon with your hand instead use your head or you can use some paddles for balloons and play balloon tennis. You can draw some pictures on a balloon, it is a lot of fun. This is one of the great rainy-day activities for kids.

  • Hurdle Game
  • When we are searching games for toddlers, we have limited choice. So, this game is for them. You need to select a destination and keep something there, which your child love. In a way create some obstacles that kids need to pass and win the reward for instance Practice balancing, jumping, walking backward, hopping, skipping and so much more. Your little ones will love navigating their way through an obstacle course and you can easily create it with anything you have on hand, no special materials or supplies needed! You can think of other games also for rainy days.

    • Look for a rainbow and learn about rainbow

    It is interesting and beautiful. Once the rain gets stopped, we can go to the terrace and look for the rainbow.We can ask questions from the child:

    why does it rain?
    Does rain do something for people?
    How do we get a rainbow? Etc.

    Meanwhile, explain to your child how the rainbow is formed and you can use a prism to show them a live example. I bet, your little ones are going to love that. Simultaneously you can inhale fresh cool air and enjoy nature too. In this blog you find fun things to do in rains, let’s jump to the next headline.

    • Teach your kids about basic safety

    Teach children about basic safety around lightning and thunder. The rule of thumb is that, if they can hear thunder, it’s time to head indoors, especially if they are swimming and even if it hasn’t started to rain. Also, avoid open areas, such as playing fields; isolated tall objects like trees and light posts; and metal objects such as fences and clotheslines. Wait at least 30 minutes after the last observed lightning strike or thunder to resume outdoor activities. It is one of the things to do when it is raining.

    • Rearranging the room

    You can keep your child active by engaging them in productive activity, you can name it “Room makeover”. You can start with the kid’s own room. The child will decide what looks good in the room and whatnot. Help them to rearrange their toy box, wardrobe, or maybe their bed. It is a really fun activity and kids enjoy that. If you follow the games of this post you don’t need to search, Activities to do in the rainy season in India.

    • Family movie day

    We all love to watch movies with our family so this is a perfect time for the movie. Look for a movie for the whole family and make your own home theatre. You can enjoy snacks, coffee, popcorn. Cuddling your child and looking at them laughing and enjoying is a great feeling. You may be stuck at home but it will make your ever-green memory. It is one of the things to do on rainy days

    • Science experiment

    Children are curious by nature they want to know everything on the earth so it is time to feed their curiosity. You just need to do a couple of quick searches for a science experiment and you are ready with your experiments. It is like brain exercise and your kid will learn concepts that will excite them. Help them to do the activity on their own and guide them if they face any difficulties. I am sure they will be waiting for the next rainy days.

    • Cook with your child

    Everybody likes to eat something different on rainy days so when everybody at home, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy food. Involve your little ones in cooking and assign them responsibility like mixing, laying out the paper plates, or slicing with supervision, there is a job for kids of all ages. I remember, I helped my child to make a mango shake and she was proud of it. You know, it was the best mango shake I have ever tasted. This is one of the activities we do in the rainy season.

    • Plant some seeds in the garden

    The perfect time to plant seeds is when it’s raining. Best of all, you don’t need to water them because the rain has done it for you. It is one of my personal favourite things to do in rainy weather in India.

    Want to go out but the rain does not have to prevent you from getting outside, use a “Rainbow Raincoat” for protection from the rain and walk in the rain. It will support you to carry on your work in the rainy season.

    There are lot of fun games, you can perform in monsoon season. here are some of the activities listed.

    • Play hide and seek: Play it up a bit and pretend kids are impossible to find. It is a simple and childlike simple game.
    • Write a letter to God and teach gratitude to the child.
    • You can decorate donuts, muffins, cupcakes at home
    • Every child like to listen to the story so narrate a story to them
    • Make something creative toy, decorative item, instrument
    • Play memory games like solving puzzles, jigsaw, etc.
    • All-time favourite drawing
    • play board games like carom, Ludo, monopoly, etc

    This is the list of the activities for kids in the rainy season. We recommend restricting yourself from outdoor activities in the rainy season. you have other ideas and games for rainy days like an indoor treasure hunt, paper boat, nature hunt, paper folding, etc.

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