Welcome to Rainbow Raincoat

Rainbow Raincoat was founded in the year 1986. Founder Babulal Mundhara saw the requirement for all-around protection for the rainy and windy season. The idea of Rainbow solely believes that raincoat should not only be water-proof but they must also be equipped with extra protection and exceptionally strong built to deliver our customers an all-around safety wear. Thus, began our journey for more than 33 years. Trusted by our clients from various walks of life, we are always happy to increase our family. We give a fierce competition to International brands with our plethora of designs, sturdily built and impressive features. We are the unstoppable choice of protective-wear for men, women, and children. Over 150 exquisite designs are available in attractively budgeted price. Just for young India! Our current market includes Northern, Central, and East India.


Being a client oriented and customer centric firm, we always strive hard to make quality goods and reliable products available to them at reasonable prices. We ensure internal quality checks at every stage to maintain our high standards in quality. With our vast industry experience & latest available technology we make sure the raincoats reach the customers at the best possible price.


The primary vision is to make sure that Raincoats become a need-based product, thus making every person in the country safe from the harsh Indian monsoons. We also strive to develop raincoats in budget as well as high range product so that it is available for all generations and all sectors of people. Needless to say, we maintain superior quality all throughout.

Our Team

  • Babulal Mundhara (Founder)
  • Mahadev Mundhara (Co-Founder)
  • Surendra Rathi (Director – Technical & Operations)
  • Ashish Bagri (Director – International Trade)
  • Nand Kishore Mundhara (Director – Finance)
  • Shyam Sundar Mundhara (Director – Marketing)


We offer you

  • Raincoats- Beat the harsh Indian monsoon with the finest and stylish raincoat. For Men, Women, Kids and Teenagers, get some uber-cool features like double gear, pockets and many more to flaunt this season
  • Rain Suits- For Men, who are set to conquer the world with their stamina and personality. Robust and elegant range of monsoon covers!
  • Winter Jackets- Cheat the winter this time with a mega range of winter jackets for all age groups. Gear up for a warm and cozy feeling with finest material and stitch!
  • Safety Jackets & Safety Raincoats- We all know that the safety wearable designed for heavy-duty and on track workers is to increase the visibility in the darks and harsh conditions.

Safety is the greatest paramount:

At Rainbow, we manufacture sturdy, secured and comfortable safety jackets and raincoats meeting various requirements. Our Safety jackets come in various sizes, shapes in accordance to the purpose it is worn for. Wearing our safety jackets will reduce several mishaps to the minimum amount, now no more injuries and risk while working.

Working in construction, tracks or heavy-duty activities must be accompanied by Rainbow range of Safety Jackets and Raincoats. With the correct use of bright colors and optimum light, working becomes smooth and risk-free. Coming in unique and superbly visible fluorescent colors, these jackets are must if your organization deals with fieldwork and construction work in the dark. Our range of bright colors like orange, green and yellow makes sure you can locate workers even in the dimmest lighting. The radium stripes on your vest are designed specifically to make wearer highly visible. That’s why we have clients all over India both from the private and public organizations.
Buy the best of our offerings! We thank all our customers and clients who have put their trust and safety on us. We have never or will ever disappoint them! Keep Believing!

Come and be a part of our esteemed Rainbow Group!

Coming Soon

  • More and more internationally popular designs on Raincoats and Winter wear.
  • Stay tuned for our exclusive bags and sportswear collection.