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Delhi NCR Unit

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Kolkata Unit

Manufacturing Superior Coated Fabric

Rainbow ushers a new age ultra modern manufacturing facility. Fully integrated, the Rainbow unit meticulously manufacture standard coated textiles via:

Rainbow offer dynamism to meet the client requirements and seasonal demands. Each product is crafted to exceed even the definition of ‘longevity’. No wear and tear could affect its durability for a long period of time.

Machineries and technologies employed are superior. We take special care in preventing punctures, shortcircuits and tears renderingsustained manufacturing and production activities.

  • Screening with 100 percent decontamination
  • Mixing of colour combos
  • Compounding
  • Spreading solutions for fully protected coating
  • Preparing Adhesive
  • Calendaring
  • Roto-Curing under optimum temperature keeping the rate constant
  • Finishingtouch

Cutting the fabric

Microfibers, plastic-coated, and blended fibers are employes to make a robust raincoat. Perfect designers and weavers are tirelessly making some awesome designs and cutting. Latest and awesome patterns are straight from the brains of our team of designers. Patterns are worth craving for!


We only use computer-operated innovations for embroidery and cutting. We use Thermo seal Fabric Waterproof sealant on the top of intricate embroidery designs. Come what may, no amount of rain, heat, or ice can affect your prized designs.


This is the crucial stage where we achieve a myriad of colors and combos to brighten up the dull monsoon days. Using high-quality solution renders beauty and quality water –resistant properties at the same time. We use both Screen and machine printing as our primary machines for printing. Beware of fake Rainbow reproductions.Buy out genuine products by identifying our exclusive ‘Rainbow’ logo at the front and back of your favourite rain-wear.


We only use Automated Fusing Machine to execute the interlinings. Our team always ensures the high heat is used to keep the lining in the place. From collars to cuffs, belts to pockets, sleeve straps to front facings, everything is done with robust precision. For setting up the delicate parts, we use Industrial Sewing Machine. Threads used are highly protected from UV rays. Our trained weavers, gift you tight and leak-proof seam finish!

HF Plastic Welding Machines (PVC Joint)

Behold our latest innovation manufactured exclusively on the HF Plastic Welding Machines (PVC Joint). Each manufacturing unit is fully equipped with Plastic Welding Machine for heavy embroidery and brand logo printing. With easy control, our job becomes much more manageable. We ensure high and quality production.

Packaging Machines

Our automated packaging machine can pack 1000 units per day. Before packaging, our quality inspector checks each unit thoroughly. Our double-checking ensures every raincoat is durable and original. After those units are transported to the auto bagger. From there, the loader machine unloads all the units into shipping vessel.

Seam Sealing

Tenacious Seal Seam tapes are applied on stitches and embroideries effectively making the bond unbreakable. Using innovative hot air taping machine, Seal Seam tapes is evenly applied for the ultimate leak proof finish.


Automated button hole-making gadget is deployed to make buttonholes for mass production at one go.

Our elaborate and ultra-modern manufacturing process makes our products a raving thing. Our talented team gives their immense toil and intellect to make your monsoon fun!

Measures for Labour Safety and Welfare

Our team of makers, as we like to call them, are equipped with the highest level of talent, dedication, and commitment. Without them, there would have been no Rainbow in the monsoon! They are part of the VIBGYOR whose only motto is to splash color in your lives! Joining the VIBGYOR brigade has so many perks!

Food Court and Snacks

We are happy to announce that each of our production and manufacturing units is equipped with fully functional sprawling canteen. Equipped with a large number of beverages, veg, and non-veg foods, it is open all day. We provide nutritious foods during breakfast, sumptuous lunch, yummy-delicious snacks, and excellent dinner to our team.

Health is wealth

Prevention is better than cure. We have our in-house medical team looking after any emergency health situations of our employees. We have a fully-equipped ambulance. Apart from that, we arrange weekly and monthly health camp and medical diagnosis. Make sure you are always full of vigor and smiles. First aid boxes are installed at every workspace and cabinets.

Fire Safety Measures

We take the safety and prevention method as our foremost concern. Our whole building is equipped with fire safety measures. All our units are situated near the local fire station. Apart from that, disaster management training and session is held for training our employees to be alert at the time of natural calamities like cyclones and earthquakes. Emergency exits and fire alarms are located strategically for dire times.

Employee Quarters

We provide comfortable accommodation for our employees and labors. From a single room to 3BHK, ready to move in apartments are fully equipped with electricity, water supply, furnished, ceiling and community market place.

Integrated Parking Lot

A spacious and integrated parking lot is there free of charge.

Our employees are our assets! We never let any of our assets to go astray! We are a family. Come be a part of our family.