3 Major Problems Faced by Regular Rain Coat for Men

Rainwear Problems Everyone Has and How to Solve Them

As unpredictable as the weather is, we have predicted your problem with the weather. Though multiple solutions are available these days to protect you from the rain, choosing the right rain coat for men can be a pain.

Before we get into the details of choosing the right rainwear to keep you protected and completely dry, we need to understand the problems faced by everyone and the solution for the same.

3 Major Problems Faced by Regular Rain Coat for Men

In this guide, we will understand the top 3 rainwear problems everyone has and how we can solve them with Rainbow Raincoats.

Trouser bottoms getting drenched

A lot of people face this problem during the rainy season. This happens especially when people choose protective gear such as umbrellas or windcheater jackets. This rainwear is not apt for rainy weather however it can be used in slight showers or wind. Make sure you have a proper rain coat for men with full coverage and protection like the one here.

This raincoat by Rainbow Raincoats is the perfect safari suit that offers complete protection and dryness in rainy or harsh windy weather conditions.

Water getting into the sleeves

This is another problem that many people face during the harsh rainy season because of the faulty rainwear designs with improper seams that let the water in. It is recommended that you must look for a raincoat set and not just a jacket with cuffed sleeves and bottoms.

This raincoat from Rainbow Raincoats offers complete protection around the sleeves, bottoms and hood. Rest assured that you will stay dry when you’re out in the rain with this rain coat for men.

Gadgets and other items do not remain secured

There is a very high probability that one or the other item in your pocket(s) is getting ruined when it rains. To overcome this, choose rain protection wear/ rainwear that is 100% waterproof and has pockets with sealed seams to keep the items protected along with yourself.

Rainbow Raincoats not only provide protection to you but also to your belongings. Check out our (product name + link) for the same protection that you get for your gadgets and other items.

Choosing the Right Raincoat for Men

Now that we have clearly understood the potential problems you could face in rainy or other harsh weather conditions, finding the right rain coat for men will not be a problem. Rainbow Raincoats provides rainwear that provides overall protection for you and your belongings, made with materials like PU-coated polyester and nylon, and PVC sheeting for 100% waterproofing. These raincoats are made for people who never stop and are always on the move no matter the weather. 


In this blog, we understood the common problems faced by people during harsh rainy weather conditions and how finding the right rain coat for men can be easy breezy. To find the right raincoat for any weather, make sure you check the fabric, seams and sleeves to keep yourself and your belongings safe and protected in any weather.

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