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Types of Raincoat you can Invest in this Monsoon 2024 | Rainbow Raincoats

Chai and Pakora season is here and we can’t wait to splash in the rain. With rain comes happiness and the joy of getting out and enjoying it without getting drenched or getting caught by infectious diseases. For this, you must cover yourself and protect yourself with proper rainwear. In this guide, we will understand the type of raincoat for monsoon you can invest in this monsoon season without worrying about the weather or the fear of getting seasonal infections from getting wet.

What are the Types of Raincoat for Monsoon?

There are not many types of raincoats or rainwear for the monsoon season, however, you can always find multiple options and designs to choose from. Some of the options include windcheaters, trench coats, rain jackets, ponchos and more. Let’s discuss the type of raincoats in detail:

1. Trench Coats

These are a classic and timeless type of raincoat for the monsoon season. These are long enough to keep you covered and protected during downpours. These raincoats come in versatile fabrics offering great style and protection and can be available in classic neutrals or bold prints. Such raincoats add a touch of sophistication, however, these lack hoods and other functionalities, so they may require layering for complete all-weather protection, 

2. Windcheaters

Windcheaters are a great choice for hikers, frequent travellers and people who engage in high-intensity activities, especially in harsh weather conditions. These are lightweight raincoats that help you protect against the elements. However, this type of raincoat offers great protection and often has spacious pockets to store essential items. Therefore, it’s great for outdoors and short-term adventures.

Raincoat for Monsoon

3. Raincoats and Rain Safaris

Raincoats offer 100% waterproof protection from head to toe, often available in sets for added convenience and protection. These raincoats for monsoon are also available with hoods and seams that offer complete security from water.

Whether you are commuting to work or travelling in exotic countries or windy situations, Rainbow Raincoats keeps you prepared for any harsh weather conditions. We offer a huge variety of raincoats for men, women and kids in more than 150+ designs. Our raincoats feature packed raincoats with hoods, elasticated cuffs and spacious pockets to keep you dry and protected. Explore the collection here!

Rain safaris are another great option to beat the monsoon rain. These safaris offer incredible protection from the weather by providing you with the ultimate coverage from head to toe. The safaris from Rainbow Raincoats are an awesome addition to your wardrobe.

4. Ponchos

This unique type of rainwear and weather-resistant product comes over your head and shoulders without any arms. They are super airy and comfortable, large enough to cover up the entire body, however, often the legs are left drenched, These are ideal for kids who go to school and have to cover their school bags.

Raincoat for Monsoon


No matter where you are or planning to travel to, raincoat for monsoon offer a great sense of security in harsh conditions, whether it is a rainy, windy or hail storm season. You never know where you might need the protection from whether you are commuting to work or travelling to an exotic country. Stay protected.

Rainbow Raincoats provides raincoats and rain safaris in multiple designs, fabrics, and functionality & fits for all starting from men, women and kids. Check out the perfect raincoat for you and your family at for more!

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