How to Choose a Rain Suit & Raincoat | Rainbow Raincoats

How to Choose a Rain Suit & Raincoat | Rainbow Raincoats

Don’t let a lot of rain dampen even a little bit of your spirit. With the right raincoat, you can be rest assured that you will stay dry and comfortable, and ready to tackle whatever the weather throws at you. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect raincoat can feel overwhelming. In this blog, we will find the right raincoat for you or your family.

Materials to Consider While Choosing a Raincoat

The foundation of any good raincoat lies in the material. As Rainbow Raincoats, we offer a variety of raincoats crafted from high-quality fabrics such as polyester & nylon with PU coating and PVC sheeting, each with its own unique strength and benefits.

1. Polyester with PU Coating

PU-coated Polyester is a popular choice for durability, lightweight fabric and water resistance, which makes it an ideal choice for rainwear. They also dry quickly, perfect for unexpected showers and gusts of wind, alike.

2. Nylon with PU Coating

PU-coated Nylon offers a more flexible and light option for raincoats, making them a good option for activities that require flexibility and freedom of movement such as cycling, hiking, etc.

3. PVC Sheeting

When it comes to heavy downpour, PVC raincoats provide exceptional protection against the harsh weather conditions. However, PVC raincoats tend to be less breathable, so one needs to consider ventilation features if you plan on doing activities such as trekking, cardiovascular exercises, etc.

Features for Function and Comfort in Raincoats

A nice raincoat is more than just a protective layer to keep you dry. Here are some features you can consider for optimum comfort and functionality.

1. Look for raincoats with sealed seams since very often there are tiny gaps where water can sneak in.

2. Raincoats being sealed, can trap heat, making you fell clammy. Choose raincoats with breathable materials or ventilated features such as mesh panels inside or underarm vents.

3. A good raincoat provides coverage without being restrictive. One should look for a size that allows you to layer comfortably underneath, when needed. With this, adjustable features like cuffs, hoods and waist belts ensure a perfect fit that moves with you.

4. A well hooded raincoat is extremely essential for keeping rain off the face. So, look for hoods with adjustable drawstring for a secure fit.

5. Deep, covered pockets are essential for keeping our belongings dry.

A Match for Every Adventure: Rainbow Raincoats

Rainbow Raincoats offers a diverse range of raincoats to suit your individual needs and style. Here’s what all designs you can choose from:

  • Classic trench coats are a timeless choice, offering elegance and practicality. With their longer length, they provide extra coverage while the belted design creates a more flattering silhouette.
  • Portable raincoats are perfect for travelers and those who like to be prepared with portable and foldable raincoats are a great option to carry with oneself.
  • The pullover raincoat set is a good option that goes with casual wear. Anoraks/ pullover raincoats often have large pockets and pouches for added comfort and functionality.
  • Another option is rain jackets that offer excellent protection in a much shorter length than trench coats making them perfect for everyday use, gym strolls, and more!

Conclusion: Find your raincoat

With the right choice of raincoat, you can conquer any rainy day with confidence and style. When you consider the factors mentioned above, you can be well on your way to find the perfect raincoat for yourself and your family. At Rainbow Raincoats, we offer a wide range of raincoats ensuring everyone stays dry and happy throughout the year, in all weather conditions.

Browse through the collection on our website and let Rainbow Raincoats be your partner in exploring, no matter the weather!

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