Waterproof Raincoats for Men

Top 10 Waterproof Raincoats for Men: Stay Dry in Style

In India, the annual rainfall averages between 750 and 1500 mm. It rains multiple times a year and the monsoon lasts between June and September. That’s why men in India are looking for options that are fashionable yet don’t compromise on protection. At Rainbow Raincoats, we provide multiple waterproof raincoats for men. Most of our raincoats are made with polyester, nylon, and PVC. PU coating is done on the polyester and nylon rainwear and PVC sheeting is done on other rainwear to make it highquality. 

Our rainwear is made of high quality fabric, Korean technology, and sophisticated design. Here are the top ten options that you should consider for this rainy season: 

1. T-20 ASTAR: This lightweight black rainwear is perfect for casual occasions and allows you to ride in style. You don’t have to compromise on your casual look just because it is raining! Easily pack this lightweight raincoat while travelling and don’t let rain disrupt your plans. 

2. New Runner R/S Safari- The New Runner R/S Safari is a raincoat that is made with cloth fabric to provide constant protection against heavy downpour. Korean technology sets our raincoats apart from the competition. Lightblue and the black color pattern make it the perfect rainwear to wear during any casual occasion. 

3. Star Gold Astar- You should choose this perfect blue & red rainwear if you want a casual option. It comes with advanced waterproofing technology that repels moisture on contact. Now you can go out in style without sacrificing your look. 

Top 10 Waterproof Raincoats for Men: Stay Dry in Style

4. Marathon R/S Safari- Now you can ditch the bulky rain gear with Marathon R/S Safari. Get protection against heavy downpour with this lightweight raincoat that comes with Korean technology. It is perfect for unexpected showers that you may experience on the go. Its durability makes it one of the best waterproof raincoats for men

5. TOM SAFARI- TOM SAFARI brings back the color black in style and its reflective stripes make sure you are visible even during the most heavy downpour. The premium quality fastening and opaque fabric with reflective stripes make this the best riding partner. When you are not in need of this raincoat, you can simply stash it in your backpack.  

6. Vintage R/S Safari- The Vintage R/S Safari was made when modern technology met timeless style. Dark green colour scheme makes great casual rainwear. It is made of fabric that wicks away moisture on contact so rainy days will never be a problem. 

7. Pearl A/C Safari- The Pearl A/C Safari is a premium quality raincoat that is the perfect balance between style and functionality. It comes with reflective stripes and premium quality fastening buttons that make this the perfect shield for a rainy day. The enhanced aesthetics make this one of the best waterproof raincoats for men

8. NYLEX SAFARI- Transparent styling, fashionable buttons, and the Aqua Blue tint color makes this one of the most fashionable waterproof raincoats for men. It also comes with spacious pockets where you can store anything to keep it waterproof. 

Top 10 Waterproof Raincoats for Men: Stay Dry in Style

9. TITAN SAFARI- Now you can go out with confidence with TITAN SAFARI. The stylish cuffed hand sleeves and premium quality fastening chains provide 100% waterproof protection against heavy downpour. Enhance your overall appearance but get added protection. 

10. EXOTIC R/S SAFARI- Crafted with precision, this rainwear guarantees superior quality and 100% waterproof protection. You can easily adjust your raincoat with ease and the premium quality fastening chain will ensure that you stay dry. This raincoat is designed by combining comfort, functionality, and durability.
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