Urban Flood

Urban Problems of Indian Monsoon

Urban India is a dream come true for many citizens but this urbanization comes at a cost. During the monsoon, every Indian town sees different problems from Urban flood to insane traffic. Over the years, rains have covered Delhi’s underpasses, Mumbai’s Gandhi Market, and Chennai’s famous suburbs. 

Most of the urban areas lack effective infrastructure to handle heavy downpours. If you add poor infrastructure development, encroachment of natural drainage, and climate change. This becomes a recipe for disaster! 

Urban flood

The Causes of Urban Flooding

Urban flood are caused by a combination of causes but most of them are poor planning, snowmelt due to climate change, governance shortage, and flaws in the concept of urbanisation. Between 2000 and 2019, India recorded the third greatest number of natural disasters. In recent years, India has seen storms and hurricanes with relative severity levels. 

North India faces problems like heat waves during the summer, floods in the monsoon, and smog during the winter. 

Planning deficit and a lack of understanding on how to build infrastructure while being in harmony with nature. Poor migrants contribute to the development of a city, but these workers struggle to find housing in the market and they seek shelter near riverbanks, mangroves, and land alongside drains. This results in encroached rivers and natural infrastructure is destroyed. In short, building a city is easy but the cost of housing those who build it is also one of the main culprits of urban flooding. 

Urban Problems of Indian Monsoon: Urban flood

Potential Solutions

The NDMA has crafted a comprehensive framework that underlines the relationship between economy, environment, and urban development. It puts emphasis on readiness for natural disaster response. To mitigate problems like urban flooding, states should ensure that their own agencies work in harmony with those of the Indian government. 

One of the main solutions is to prevent a disaster before it takes place. State and national machinery needs to ensure that the cross drainage system works perfectly along with the maintenance of the drainage system. Due to poor urban planning, the drainage system stops working within hours of heavy rainfall. If the drainage system doesn’t break then the city will be able to handle the rain much more efficiently. 

In the case of rainfall, it is also important to protect water bodies like ponds and local forests. One of the main problems that many indian cities face is the poor handling of garbage and which is why we have huge garbage dumps. It is essential for cities to recycle and handle the garbage properly before it becomes a problem during the monsoon. 

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