Features to Look Out For in Childrens Raincoats

Features to Look Out For in Childrens Raincoats

As India welcomes monsoon, it is essential to keep your little ones safe from the rain. Childrens raincoats are an easy and effective way to protect your kids from heavy downpours.

A childrens waterproof coat is useful during the rainy season as you never know when it can rain. When it does rain, your precious child needs a waterproof rain coat that is there to act as a shield. Your child carries essential items like books and toys that need to be protected from the rain. Once you invest in a high quality kids rain jacket, your child will be able to take tuition classes and even play during the evening.

Since children are vulnerable to catching a cold or fever during monsoon. It is essential for parents to invest in a high quality raincoat. 

Features to Look Out For in Childrens Raincoats

Key Features of High Quality Childrens Raincoats

These are few key features of any high quality childrens raincoats. 

  • Jacket Length: The longer a raincoat is the more area it can cover. A lot of childrens waterproof coats only cover the waist length, but you should choose one that also covers the knees. This ensures the safety of your child even during the most heavy rains.  
  • Elastic Closure: You should choose a raincoat that has elastic closure. This way you can ensure that your child’s raincoat is tight and no rain drop can trouble your kids. 
  • Warm Liners: Let’s be honest it can get a bit cold during the rainy season and that is why your children’s raincoats should have an added lightweight fleece liner for warmth. In case you are buying an unlined rain jacket, you should ensure that its size will allow you to add a warm layer of clothing underneath. 
  • Reflective Stripes: Rainy days lower the visibility and the streets can become busy. In such conditions, it is difficult for people to navigate the streets safely. That is why you should choose rainwear for your kids that keep them visible. In such conditions, waterproof coats with reflective stripes is the best option. 
Features to Look Out For in Childrens Raincoats
  • Fun Designs: Gone are the days, when raincoat designs used to be boring. Any rainwear can no longer survive if it has a boring print and design. A child’s raincoat is something that should bring a smile on their face. You should look out for brands that have bright and colourful designs. Rainbow Raincoats is the official licensee of Motu Patlu and Doraemon. Our raincoats come with the beautiful designs of these cartoons. 

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