High-Performance Raincoats

Features to Look for in a High-Performance Raincoats

The monsoon season is here, and you need a protective layer to get through this season without dampening your ‘never stopping’ spirits. It is important to understand a few things before getting yourself the right rainwear such as must-have features, type of material, styles, etc. In this blog, we will understand the top 10 features to look for in a high-performance raincoats.

Durable and Waterproof Raincoat

Look for raincoats that are made with PU-coated polyester & nylon, and PVC sheeting. These fabrics make the rainwear more durable while the PU coating makes the fabric more waterproof. This ensures that you are always protected from rain and other weather conditions.

Sealed Seams

Raincoats that have sealed seams, protect not just you but also your belongings are a great addition to your rainwear. So, whenever you are traveling you can rest assured that your items such as mobile phone, wallet, etc. are safe with you. Rainbow Raincoat offers one of the widest selection of rainwear for men, women and kids.

Water-Resistance Closure

Make sure your raincoat has a double closure with water-resistant zips and overlapping buttons over the zip. This double closures are typically present in the rainwear and ensure that you are fully protected and dry. Rainbow Raincoat offers rainwear with proper closure for a secure commute or adventure.

High-Performance Raincoats

Breathable Design

Raincoats are usually uncomfortable due to their thick material however, one can make sure to get a much breathable. This means even though the raincoats have double closure or cuffed sleeves, they are comfortable enough to move around, stretch or walk for longer hours. At Rainbow Raincoat, we offer the most breathable raincoats there can be.

Adjustable Features

To adapt in different weathers and harsh conditions, raincoats should offer versatile and adjustable features. This could include adjustable belts, seams or cuffs.

Functional Pockets

Having functional pockets is extremely important so that not just you but your belongings are kept safe and secure. Rainbow Raincoat offer pockets with sealed seams so that the water does not enter the pockets of ruin.

Reflective Design

Raincoats with reflective design are extremely important to ensure that you are visible to the other commuters and vehicles at night time. Rainbow Raincoat brings to the table reflective tapes from Korea that seamlessly blend with the raincoat made in India to ensure your safety.

Compact Design

While the weather is unpredictable, you can be prepared with proper gear to keep yourself safe. For this make sure that you find raincoats that are compact and portable that you can carry within your bag, anytime, anywhere.

High-Performance Raincoats

Style Options

A lot of design options are available in the market these days. At Rainbow Raincoat, you can find the perfect set of raincoats for you and your family and choose from a range of more than 150+ design options.

Suitable for Different Occasions

One’s need might be different from others, some might need a raincoat for adventure, travelling or daily commuting. Make sure you find the right raincoat for your needs.


In this blog, we understand that no matter what you do, wherever you are, the weather is unpredictable and you need the perfect raincoat set for yourself with the features mentioned above. At Rainbow Raincoat, we offer one of the best & the most durable and innovative designs of raincoat for your needs. Check out raincoats for men, women and kids here:-

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